Monday, January 6, 2014


So  I wake up the other day and there is a guy sleeping next to me on my bed.

Ok let me explain, I have been at Mr.Indrajit Ghosh's office/second home at Goregaon,Mumbai for the last one week. Finding work in Mumbai is really hard.And finding a place is harder. So it came as a big bonus when I found out about this place through Arvind. Inder runs a design firm called OMG Digital and the said -place is its head office which also double as a pay for rent flat. The rent here is cheap and barring a few water issues and Brazilian guys walking around in red briefs, the place is the best deal you can get for miles around. Plus,if you are a designer(of any sort) sooner or later Inder will give you some work (yes,this is a paid plug for OMG-Digital). It's an intern's-dream-come-true work place.

The added bonus is that there is plentiful booze and chilling/party-like/social gatherings that happens every other night with Inder bringing in people from all over the world into his home.  So there is a lot of contact building happening as everybody gets drunk and high together. Some times they even come in after you've gone to bed and just pile on along side for the night.

Remeniscent of the Gallagher home in 'Shameless' or Jessie Pinkman's den in Breaking Bad, this first floor abode is a true bachelor home for the homeless bachelor. OM F'ing G. 


Tanveer said...

That sounds like you are making the best out of the situation, which is awesome. Would love to hear more about it.

Alok N R said...

Yeah man ! every day so much happens here. Its ridiculous! think ill miss it all when I move out. :) lets skype sometime :)

Nikhita P. said...

Woooahhh! Haha! Scary!

Ajith Balakrishnan said...

Glad that you are living your life - I am sure you will cherish these memories when you grow up. Jot these down and write a novel (And pay me royalties for the idea)

Indrajit Ghosh said...

@nikita: its not scary: its perfect! ;)